Lisa Dalhuijsen

Hello, my name is Lisa and I'm a graphic designer and full-stack web developer. Some people are surprised to hear I do design and development, but I really love both.

I adore the inexplicable beauty of design, and at the same time I enjoy solving technical puzzles by coding. Because of this combination I can easily recognise the possibilities of interactive media.

Way back in 1999 I hand-coded my first website, and in 2003 I did my first client project. Since then I’ve been developing myself continuously, studying graphic design at The Royal Academy of Art and computer science at Leiden University. I mostly work for small businesses, startups and non-profits, and regularly team up with independent creative professionals like myself.

I love music, maps, good vegetarian food, going on long hikes, cycling and rock climbing.
I occassionaly organize programming workshops for women.


I see design as a media-independent solution to a communication problem. The end result could be a poster, an app, a corporate identity, a data visualization, a website or even something entirely different.
I enjoy making complicated information clear – whether it’s dry data that has to be communicated, or a complicated piece of software that has to be made usable. I want to make long-lasting quality stuff that is expressive, inventive and, above-all, useful.


Having a strong knowledge of web development really helps my design process when designing for interactive media, as I have a realistic view of the creative possibilities and technical constraints. Usability, accessibility and standards-based front-end development are an integral part of my work, and I always keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

My main technical skills are HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP and some MySQL.